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Dos & Don'ts of Doggy Dining

Pet Event-i-quette    
Ensure you and your dog's safety and enjoyment at events

  • Your attendance and/or participation in pet events
constitutes your agreement to abide by all rules and regulations
  • WBLDW = Well-behaved, leashed* dogs, welcome 
  • No aggressive dogs
  • No retractable/flexi leashes*, prong or choke collars, please
  • Make sure your dog is wearing its collar, with proper ID and
proof of up-to-date vaccinations
  • Absolutely no female dogs in season
  • Dogs must be at least four months old, for their own immunization/well-being
  • You must supervise, tend to and pick-up after your dog(s) at all times
Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave
  • Bring pick up bags, water, bowl, sunscreen, towels, etc.
  • No alcoholic beverages in most parks

How Dog-Friendly are You?Test your Canine Common Sense
By: Tina Valant-Siebelts www.havedog.com

Just as we would consider it rude to walk up to someone and sniff their backside, many common things we people do, are considered less than courteous to dogs. People and dogs have significantly different sets of rules and behaviors.

1)While walking in your neighborhood, you see a cute dog with its owner. You would like to say          hello. As you calmly approach, what should you FIRST ask?
a)How’s it going? What’s shakin'?
b)Is your dog friendly? May I pet him/her?
c)What kind of dog is that? How old is s/he?
d)None of the above

2)After you have received the correct answers on the above, from the owner. What next?
a)Present your open palm, and gently pet the dog on the head
b)Jump up and down, while shouting, YAY!
c)Tuck your thumb into your palm, cover it with your fingers; then present your fist (fingers to the           ground), under the dog’s nose, to sniff
d)None of the above

3)Where are the most dog-friendly places to pet a dog?
a)Top of the head and bridge of the nose
b)Base of the tail and feet
c)On the back and side
d)All of the above

4)You and your dog are playing, you get down on all fours, growling, staring him/her in the eyes. Is            this ok?
a)Sure! Why not? I do it all the time
b)No, staring any dog in the eyes can be perceived as threatening
c)Only if it’s a puppy
d)a and c

5)While walking your dog, an unleashed, unfriendly dog comes from no where. What do you do?
a)Pick up your dog and run!
b)Curl yourself into a ball and let the dogs duke it out
c)Put yourself in the middle, turn your back on the unfriendly dog, and show your dog you will                  protect him/her.
d)Bark back at the unfriendly dog.

6)Your dog is eating. Your daughter wants to play with him. Is it ok to let her go bother the dog?
a)Why not? They grew up together
b)No, feeding time is the dog’s private time
c)Yes, we need to prove *humans* are in control of food
d)a and c

7)You’re at the dogpark. Through the initial gate, getting ready to enter the proper (small or large)           side. What happens, next? You…
a)Unleash your dog, immediately as you enter the secondary gate
b)      Keep your dog on lead, to see if s/he will acclimate
c)      Bring treats to share with everyone
d)      b and c

8)Ut oh….You arrive home and see your dog had an “accident” in the house. You should…
a)       Clean up and ignore it
b)       Rub your dog’s nose in it and say NO! Bad dog!!
c)       Get dog outside, immediately, his/her tummy may be upset
d)       a and c

9)While alone outside, a strange, large dog runs toward you, barking. What should you do?
a)       Run away, as fast as you can
b)       Stand still, put your arms along your sides, and look to the sky
c)       Hope the owner shows up
d)       a and c

10)     Which dog should you be more respectful/fearful of?
a)       German shepherd tied to a fence
b)       Pit bull running loose
c)       Maltese barking from her stroller
d)      Mother dog with pups
e)       Injured dog
f)       Any of the above, depending on the situation/body language